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Okay, I know some of you are looking at that title and thinking I'm quite daft because obviously I have to have a dataadapter if I have a bindingsource.And you're right, there is a dataadapter, but it's not exposed to me.I have a Data Grid View made of a Data Set of a table from the DB.When I delete a row, it is updated in the database but it is not removed from the Grid View.Only when I restart the application does it get removed from the Grid View. if you are showing your table in dgv and for deleting something from that table you have a button on your win form.

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When the form is loaded, the listview is populated (hard-coded) with a list of available tables. Get Recs By Param("sp Fill Grid", ary Edit Table) ' Bind the grid to the data Me.dgv1. Fill(dt Get) Catch ex As Exception ' Check for errors Msg Box(ex. Ok Only, "Error recieving data") Return Nothing End Try ' Set the data source for the bindingsource to the datatable o BS. Text = "Form1" ' Create an Array List containing some of the State objects. Add(New State("Montana", "Helena")) binding Source1 = New Binding Source() ' Bind Binding Source1 to the list of states. Data Source = states ' Bind the two text boxes to properties of State. You simply pass in the query and the command builder will use it to generate the action commands. Someone could explain this to me or show me a example? If your query is based on a single table and you want to insert/update all the columns you retrieve back to that same table then a may be your best bet.Clicking on a table name fills the datagridview with the contents of the table. Data Row View" Then Exit Sub End If ' Create array to get data Dim ary Edit Table As New Array List ' Populate array ary Edit Table. Data Source = bs Data Grid End Sub cls DB is his helper class. Data Source = dt Get ' Return the bindignsource to the calling method/control Return o BS End Function As you can see, the datatable and dataadapter are not persisted, instead being created each time the function is called.