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streets (neon, paved with gold) is contestants Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart have been hooking up: sources have spotted them getting super flirty and sharing one another's laps.

You’ve got to give Paula Abdul props for keeping her cool when this young dancer accidentally threw up all over her. Chi Tahani, a 12-year-old young dancer, had just found herself with three ‘golden tickets’ from the judges on US dance show So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation after performing a routine to Beyonce’s Countdown on Monday night’s show.

Nevertheless, the little that he was wearing was enough to literally make Paula sick.

She runs out gagging, and her overdone reaction kind of made us gag, too. And interestingly, Simon Cowell was actually not as mean as we thought he was going to be.

“I see ghosts too,” Abdul said to Deckard’s delight. Reid was impressed by her pop-goth look and ghost stories, but not the music.

When she finally got a chance to sing, the best part of her appearance on the show had been wasted. “I’m fascinated by you on many, many levels, but the singing was the least of them,” Reid said.

But unfortunately, as she got to Paula it all became a bit too much, and as Paula told Chi that she was ‘so proud’, she suddenly realised that things were about to take a turn for the worse.“I can see ghosts, and I like ghost hunting,” the teen said.She had similarly aged auditioners convinced before walking onstage.It was a blast from the past with Paula Abdul acting quite unpredictably around her fellow judges on last night's "The X Factor," particularly when she stormed off the set following one unusual audition. From an adorable 13-year-old to a 42-year-old single mom to a talented rapper only 70 days out of rehab, “The X Factor” had more tear-jerker moments than a Lifetime movie. HOT SHOTS: Paula Abdul But things took a major turn for the worse in Seattle, where 43-year-old blogger Geo Godley announced he was “classically trained” -- at taking his clothes off.The carefully placed “X” suggests that Geo took it ALL off, but we find it hard to believe that went down before an audience packed with children and old folks. "I'm always last to find out if the rumors are true, but I'm sure I'll find out," she said.