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Our parents told us that we would be introduced to a suitable man when we reached a marriageable age. I pushed against tradition until my parents eventually stopped bringing guys by the house when I was twenty-two.

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Once dating is initiated, Barbara can be found at the El Quebrados Sheriff Station between and , or sometimes between and , to take her out on dates.

While on a driving date, Barbara prefers CJ to drive at roughly the same speed as regular traffic.

Sometimes during dates, Barbara will mention her ex-husband is a "bastard" and that he called her a "control freak", suggesting they split up due to a dysfunctional relationship. The amount of bodies she has to deal with may be because of the Mafia in the nearby Las Venturas, or the work of rogue government agent Mike Toreno, whose ranch is also nearby.

This relationship is also mentioned by a quote she says when Carl meets Barbara for the first time; "Hi, I'm Barbara. However, it seems the mass grave in Bone County was created by Mary-Beth Maybell, judging from her dialogue on the K-Rose station.

Girl Stats Community Q&A In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the player can find and date a number of girls across the game map.

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Pokud je v oné cutscéně okouzlíte, tak vás potom vezmou k sobě domů - údajně na kafíčko - což už v základní verzi hry není vidět, avšak jeden šikula zprovoznil nepoužívané skripty a vytvořil z nich interaktivní sexuální mini-hru do této přídavné modifikace ve stylu 7 dní a 7 nocí Tato modifikace v nové verzi 2.1 nyní existuje ve dvou provedeních, které uspokojí jak ty, kteří mají zájem si ji pouze rychle vyzkoušet pro pobavení, tak hráče, kteří normálně hrají celou příběhovou linii GTA: SA a nechtějí kvůli tomu začínat hru od začátku.Sometimes, Barbara might also talk about a plane crash near The Big Ear.This could be a reference to the mission Dam and Blast, which involves bailing out of a plane, causing it to crash near the Big Ear.Here is the locations of all 50 Horseshoes in Las Venturas.If you have not completed the mission 'Green Goo' at the Verdant Meadow Aircraft Graveyard, then do not read this guide further as it will spoil something for you.It isn't too lively right now, but as members submit them, they will be come readily availible for your use. Grand Theft Auto captured 5 out of the 19 awards at the Golden Joystick Awards in London in the beginning of the month. Don't forget to check out the e-mails, they contain some info as well... Link: Official GTA LCS Site Well the first nuggets of info are starting to come through now that suggest San Andreas will be re-released without the hot coffee scenes near the end of this month.